I have lived in Nanaimo for most of my life.  I have 3 wonderful Adult Sons, 3 beautiful Daughter-In-Laws, and one wonderful Grandson, all who open my heart to more love every day.  I am grateful for my Family of Origin,  along with all my life experiences.

Art has always been a passion for me, particularly drawing and painting.  I have participated in private lessons, using a variety of media. oil, water colour, and my favourite being Acrylic.

On my Journey of Learning, I have participated in many courses of personal growth.

The most intriguing and impactful course for me was called “Journey to Self, and “Family Reconstruction”, led by Maria Gomori. Maria’s teaching, along with the Leaders and participants,  have led to my creative inspiration  for my Paintings.

I am most grateful for this inspiration, and my many amazing Reiki sessions, where my visions come from within, and I then transform them by brush.

My paintings and my processing comes from my core,  feels like soul work, my passion for understanding Family Patterns,  all our humanness, relationships and most importantly myself.

My intention, through my Art, is to open curiosity in others, inspire, and to share my journey of self.    For more information, please contact me at ally1saunders@gmail.com.

I am very interested in hearing your feedback and thoughts.

Thank you, Ally




3 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Wow. I’m so proud of you & your accomplishments!! Keep on striving for excellence & sharing your talent on canvas with like minded people. I feel privileged being able to share this journey with you. Peace. Lois

  2. Your artwork is truly amazing and definitely speaks volumes. Keep up the great work Ally! I am honored that I got the chance to get to know you and your family. You are kind and generous person, never forget that. A Forever Friend. T

  3. It is wonderful to look at your work Ally. I can tell you are digging deeper into your true self as each one comes to life. They inspire a calm and loving atmosphere; like messages from the Angels to remind us to love and cherish all that is around us. Truely an artist from the heart.. Beautiful!

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