My paintings and my processing comes from my core, feels like soul work, my passion for understanding Family Patterns, all our humanness, relationships and most importantly myself. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy exploring my paintings.

My newest painting is titled “YEARNINGS”. Prints are available for all my paintings as well as some originals. Explore more.

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  1. Dear Ally,
    I am very touched by your drawing and by the sharing of your process to get to the picture that came out and by the level of accepting yourself and who you are.
    I respect your process. I also want to share with you that for me your drawing again and again had a different meaning ….which is about recreating yourself and the many layers that you [and me and maybe others] have and it takes a process to discover the richness of the various layers inside of us and to have the courage to face all of the layers without judgement until we can feel the integration from inside.
    I feel connected to you and to your process and appreciate that you cared to share it with me/us
    And thanks to Cindi for sending it over !

    • Thank you Nitza,

      Your comments capture the levels of integration I am feeling, like an onion peeling away layer after layer,
      sometimes I have judgements, more so I am accepting these rich layers as they unfold. Yes it takes courage,
      and self compassion. Thank you so much for your comment. I feel the connection, what an amazing workshop,
      and experience. I am appreciating Cindi for sharing it with you .

      Love, Ally

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